August 13, 2010

Thousand Cankers Disease

Since many of my readers are locals, I wanted to make sure you all have seen the news stories on the Thousand Canker Disease that threatens the black walnut trees in our area.  This is from the article linked above by Morgan Simmons:

"We're being hit by a series of diseases and exotic pests, everything from the hemlock woolly adelgid to beech scale disease," Schlarbaum said. "Now there's two more. In 20 years, we're going to have a different forest from what we grew up in unless we can do something."

Right now, officials are asking Knox County property owners to leave standing any walnut tree that shows signs of the disease - wilted leaves, usually starting at the top. Also, they ask that walnut, either in firewood or pieces used for woodworking, not be transported.

For more information about the Thousand Cankers Disease, visit the Department of Agriculture's Website or call 1-800-628-2631.

We have had 2 trees die in our yard and another 3 are showing signs of disease.  It will completely change the landscape and structure of our gardens for years.  If a reasonably small piece of property is that affected, I can only imagine what our forests will look like in the next few  years. 

In the past we have brought our own firewood with us when camping—we won’t be doing that again! 

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