August 1, 2010

Tip of the day

To print or not to print?  Printing coupons is a tricky thing.  If you print every coupon that comes your way, you not only will waste a lot of paper and ink but you will also be swimming in papers.  If you don’t print coupons, then they might not be there when you return.  Here are a few of the rules of thumb I use when it comes to printing or not. 

  • Most couponers and coupon websites earn a little money for each coupon you print.  For this reason a lot of blogs will highlight coupons periodically and some will even give a little more hype than the coupon merits because they want you to print them.  For that reason, I will usually print off of sites that I know and love, usually sites that friends of mine have.  Coupon Mommie for instance is a great gal and her posts are genuine.  If she tells me it is a good coupon, I believe her.  The other part of this is that I like the idea of supporting friends through my coupon printing.  Hey, if I’m going to print it anyway, I am happy that someone I know makes a little money off of it.  For the record, I have not monetized this blog yet.  I’m considering it in the future, but right now I haven’t done so. 
  • Many of the coupons that are on the major coupon websites like, and are there for a few weeks.  I tend to print those as I know I will use them.  Again, many coupon bloggers have an option to print these coupons off of their blog so that they can make a little money. 
  • If it is a Facebook coupon, one off of a company website, a high dollar coupon, or one that I am pretty sure I’ll use before it expires, I’ll print it.  Whether or not I print two, depends on how sure I think that I’ll use it.  (Most printable coupons will allow two prints.  You will need to hit the back button then the refresh button on your computer to get it to print twice). 
  • If it is a coupon that is pretty rare, I’ll usually print it.  Laura’s Lean Beef coupons only come around every so often, and I’ll print them each time.  Coupons for bread aren’t available every day, and since we buy bread each week, I almost always print them.
  • If I know that it is a coupon that can help me work a moneymaker, I’ll print it.  Sometimes coupon blogs will post a coupon and then tell you about a current or upcoming deal with which you can use it.
  • Do what works for you.  These tips are ones that work for me and for our family.  You might have a different system that works better for you—neither is wrong, just different.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. And, I might add that actually having ink is always helpful.

    I can't tell you how many times that I find great coupons that I want to print and alas I am out of ink. Ugh. And my cartridge is not the refillable kind so when it runs out I always wait a bit before buying a new one.