August 3, 2010

Tip of the day

Do you subscribe to a magazine?  If you have been hanging around any coupon blogs for any amount of time, you have probably learned that you can score free or very cheap magazine subscriptions pretty often. What do you do with those magazines after you have used them?

  • Donate them to a nursing home, hospital, or community center.  Talk to your child’s teacher to see if they need them for making collages.
  • Swap magazines with friends.  One of you can subscribe to one magazine and the other to another.  Trade magazines once a month after you have read through your copy.
  • Use them for craft projects.  I have a friend who made the alphabet with her child when he was learning his letters.  They would work on one letter for each lesson.  For the letter “A”, they would look through magazines and cut out anything that began with the letter “A”.  They would make a collage and hung each letter on the wall. 
  • If you have a home scanner, scan any recipes or articles you really like.  This will help prevent the urge to hold on to the magazine indefinitely. 
  • When our daughter was very young and into everything, I would call upon the sacrificial magazine for help.  When I would take a bath, be on the phone, or would be prepping supper, I would give her a magazine to tear up as an activity.  I always watched her while she was doing this so that she wouldn’t choke or stick papers in her mouth.  She simply enjoyed tearing the papers, and the clean up was worth the little bit of time I had free to get something done.
  • Use a pretty page as wrapping paper for a small present.  Often magazines will have beautiful photography or inspirational quotes included, and these are perfect for wrapping.

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