August 5, 2010

Tip of the day

Have you updated your garden journal/notebook lately?  Now is a good time to do so.  As many of the first wave of vegetables reach their peak and start to die back, I’m better able to determine where and what I can plant for my fall garden.  At our home (zone 6b), I tend to plant the fall garden in late August/early September.  By planting successions of those crops, we have foods such as lettuces, greens, and radishes all through fall.  Some more tender crops will almost seem to melt with the first frost and others become sweeter and more delicious with a touch of the cold.  Kale, for instance, is even better after a slight frost has touched its leaves. 

What do I plan on planting?  Lettuces, spinaches, two types of kale, radishes, turnip greens, beets (though I probably will only get the leaves for use), peas, carrots, onions, leeks, garlic, Chinese cabbage, pak choi, broccoli raab, daffodils (not for eating).  If I can find any, I’ll also plant some cabbages and broccoli.  I don’t usually start seeds indoors so I will look at local garden centers to see if any are available.

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