August 7, 2010

Tip of the day

Remember that fall planting we talked about a few days ago?  Now is a good time to start making preparations for planting. 

  • Use a hoe to manually loosen the top layer of soil for planting. 
  • Pull out any weeds so that they won’t reseed themselves. 
  • I like to add in a bit of compost to help nourish the soil. 
  • This fall I plan on covering some of our garden beds with compost and then a layer of well rotted straw to help feed the soil and build it up for spring plantings.  This also helps to prevent the soil from eroding.
  • Other gardeners choose to plant a cover crop that can be tilled or worked into the soil as soon as the ground is warm enough to work.  Just be careful to pick one that is good for your climate zone and area.
  • If you plan on using row covers, add the hoops or frame to the garden now.  It will make it easier than trying to step around tender seedlings later. 

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