September 21, 2010

Daily Tips, Yes or No

Good Morning Everyone!  As many of you know, for well over a year I posted a tip every day on the blog.  The tips ranged in topic, and I tried to keep them from repeating too often.  Last week I cut back on those and only had tips posted that I had previously scheduled.

You get to decide--

Would you like for me to resume my Tips of the Day posts or focus more energy on other money saving posts?  Leave a comment or e-mail me with your vote.  Thanks for any feedback you have!  I want to make this blog as helpful to you as it can be.


  1. I love the tips, but that's just my opinion, and I'll be visiting the blog whatever you decide! :)

  2. I enjoy the tips, I've learned many things from you that way! I often wonder how you keep coming up with such great ideas.

  3. Both are great...I know this does not help much in your decision, however, I will still read your blog!! robin