September 15, 2010

Earth Fare 9/16/10—$5/$20

UPDATE—OK, I get it, they want you to come back for supper.  Remember that kids eat free on Thursday nights. 

I received this email from Earth Fare earlier today.  If you shop on Thursday, 9/16/10 before 2pm, you can get your receipt stamped and save $5 on a $20 purchase after 3pm on that same day. 

I’m all for coupons, but this sounds like it might not fit into my schedule.  I guess if you were going to shop, then have a late lunch or snack in their cafe, and then shop again, it might work.  Better yet, share some coupon love.  If you feel comfortable, pass your receipt on to someone who is entering the store as you are leaving in the afternoon.  You’ll feel good knowing you were a Coupon Fairy for the day.

1 comment:

  1. I'm wondering if they are doing this from now on... since it says "starting this Thu..." Either way, I had a hard time not posting something about how much I don't like it. :(