September 16, 2010

Knox County School Coupon Book, Sales start Sept 23rd

Am I weird or do other people get really excited about the Knox County School Coupon Books, too?  OK, I walked right into that one.  I know I’m weird, but these coupon books are great!  Check out the list of participating business and what to expect from their coupons.  Chick-fil-a has a couple of freebies this year! 

We always buy multiple coupon books and get more than our money’s worth out of using them!


  1. ME ME ME!!!! I always buy about 4 or 5 and totally get my money's worth! And, as a teacher I am helping my school :)

  2. We bought 10 from our daughter this year and are selling strong this year. We want as many people as possible to have these amazing deals this year. It's tough enough to deal with the economy, this little investment certainly helps!

    Myself and a few other family members and friends are matching costs this year to get them out there for people who might not be able to afford the $10 price tag. If you want one, we are selling them for $8 and matching the $2. If you want 2, we are selling for $15 and will match the $5. If you want 3, they are $21 and we take care of the extra $9. This is a great deal. Please call 865-310-3073 if you want to take part!