September 10, 2010

Resource for Patients with Dementia Entering the Hospital

Living with Alzheimer's

I know that this topic has absolutely nothing to do with couponing or money saving, but I’m still posting it in hopes that it will be helpful to some of you.  Earlier this year I attended the Alzheimer’s Symposium.  As part of the symposium, a researcher talked about increased symptoms in patients with dementia who were hospitalized.  In some of the case studies, we learned how tragic it can be for patients to enter the hospital and the hospital team to have little information on their memory loss, how to best communicate with the individual, and issues related to diet and ability to function physically (move, walk, toilet, dress self, feed self). 

The speaker gave each of us a copy of this form, which includes a handout for family members to complete in the event that hospitalization is needed.  For some clients, I recommend that they keep a copy of this form in their purses or cars in case a loved one with dementia needs to be admitted to the hospital.  If your loved one with memory loss lives in a nursing home, also ask the staff to keep a copy of this form near their face sheet or MARs (medication administration records).  Those two documents are usually pulled and photocopied for ambulance personnel in an emergency.

Please feel free to pass on this information to friends, family, or your church in hopes that it also might help others.  For more information on Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementias, visit the Alzheimer’s Association or review these 10 warning signs.

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