October 30, 2010

Free Sample Ideal No Calorie Sweetener

sweet revolution

Go here to sign up for a free sample of Ideal Sweetener.  When I found out that this free sample was made with Xylitol, I was very excited.  If you’ve never bought it before, it can be very pricey so a free sample of it is a awesome!

Ideal® no calorie sweetener is the ideal replacement for your sugar bowl!Ideal® has fantastic taste which comes from its unique combination of ingredients.  Ideal® contains more than 99% natural ingredients (Natural Xylitol and Natural Maltodextrin) by volume (with a small amount of non-natural sucralose-a concentrated sweetener), and it keeps its sweetness, volume and texture in baking as well as dissolves quickly and completely in hot or cold drinks. It measures cup for cup like sugar, and  Ideal® is delicious for sweetening fresh fruit or cereal to satisfy that sweet tooth. Ideal® is a great sugar alternative for the whole family!

Thanks bunches Becky!

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