October 11, 2010

Meal Planning, Week of 10/11

This meal plan is for 2 adults and 1 child and the occasional guest to dine with us.  NOTE—I often make enough food to freeze or have for another meal.  Because of this, leftovers are counted as $0 on the menu.


Soup from the freezer

Salad with leftover chicken

Approximate cost: $2.50



Macaroni and cheese, sliced apples, carrot sticks

Approximate cost: $1.50



Veggie meal

Beans from the freezer

Rice (Vigo rice bought with coupon) 39cts

Sliced tomatoes from the garden

Squash from the freezer

Okra and tomatoes from the freezer

Approximate cost: 39cts



Hamburger Helper (bought with coupons and Mega Event at Kroger)  with beef bought from a local farmer $6

Any leftover veggies from last night’s meal

Approximate cost: $6



Either strata or frittata, depending on what we are in the mood for

(veg from the freezer/garden, eggs bought on sale, cheese bought on sale, bread from the freezer) $2

Hash browns (potatoes from the garden) FREE

Approximate cost: $2



Pasta with homemade pesto

(pasta free after coupon, basil from garden, olive oil bought on sale with coupon, use almonds instead of pine nuts to cut the cost and almonds were given to us)

Approximate cost: $0



Roast chicken (organic chicken bought marked down and with a coupon, herbs from the garden) $5

Roasted butternut squash (free from the garden)

Pickled beets (from the garden, preserved this summer)

Sliced tomatoes from the garden (free)

Brown Rice $1

Approximate cost: $6

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