October 25, 2010

Meal Planning, Week of 10/25

This meal plan is for 2 adults and 1 child and the occasional guest to dine with us.  NOTE—I often make enough food to freeze or have for another meal.  Because of this, leftovers are counted as $0 on the menu.  If we go to a restaurant, it counts in a different part of our family budget.


Today is Hubby’s Birthday.  Happy Birthday to my best friend!

We’ll be going to a new restaurant to celebrate his birthday tonight.

Approximate cost: $0



Sausage dressing (last week I switched a couple of meals around, and when I made this recipe I decided to double it so that we’d have the second dressing this week) $1.50

Green beans and Lima beans from the garden (there aren’t enough to have a full side dish out of either, so I’m going to try and combine the two together) $0

Sliced tomatoes (free from the garden) $0

Cooked carrots 50cts

Leftover birthday cake

Approximate cost: $2



I’ll be helping to make supper for the children’s program at church. We’re having a Halloween party with hot dog mummies, hot dog octopi (for the kids who don’t want crescent rolls on their hot dogs), crushed bones (homemade popcorn), brains (noodles), eyeballs (two side dishes, one of grapes and another with “eyes” on crackers/cheese and olives on crackers), ghosts (nutter butters covered in white chocolate), jello jigglers in Halloween shapes, party punch with frozen hands (ice made in a clean glove), and whatever else we come up with for the night.

Approximate cost: $0 (church budget, though this will be an inexpensive meal thanks to leftovers, coupons, and low cost ingredients)



Venison Steaks (free from my sister and brother-in-law) $0

We still have more potatoes to dig, and yes, I know we should have dug them by now.  If the ground dries enough, we’ll have roasted herbed potatoes. (potatoes and herbs free from the garden, olive oil bought on sale with a fantastic coupon) 25cts

If we don’t have potatoes, I’ll make rice (free after coupon, Land O’ Lakes butter with olive oil free after sale and coupon). $0

Summer Squash from the freezer (free from the garden this summer) $0

Sliced tomatoes from the garden $0

Pickled beets (from the garden this year, pickling ingredients only expense, jar lid was free) 25cts

Approximate cost: 50cts



Vegetable soup from the freezer (leftover, free) $0

Cornbread (mix was free after coupon at Kroger) $0

Baked potatoes 50cts if ones from the store, free if from the garden

Baked potato fixings--salsa (free after coupon and Mega Event earlier in the year), butter (Land O’ Lakes butter with olive oil free after sale and coupon), green onions or chives (both free from the garden) $0

Approximate cost: free-50cts



Salad with leftover venison steak from Thursday night (some lettuce and most other vegetables from the garden.  I’ll buy extra lettuce at the farmers market to add to the dish) $3

Salad dressing (bought on sale with coupon) 25cts for 3 servings

Homemade whole wheat bread (wheat bought in bulk and home milled for flour, yeast was a money maker) 50cts

Approximate cost: $3.75



Pumpkin shaped pizza (homemade dough, cheese bought with sale and coupon) $5

Approximate cost: $5

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