October 18, 2010

Tip of the day

Emergency Preparedness Tip of the Week—Be careful what you and your family put on your Facebook, MySpace, and other social media accounts.  Be careful what you send out in emails or mass emails.  Including too much personal information could make you vulnerable.  Making note that you’ll be away for a week on vacation could make you vulnerable to a robbery.  Saying that you’ll be at home alone for a few days, might make you vulnerable to even worse. 

Monitor what your children post on the internet and to whom they communicate.  I saw an example where a teenager had all but told a predator where she lived.  She hadn’t told her address, but she told her school mascot, when the team played football last and against whom, that her house was brick with a big maple tree in the front yard, that she lived a few streets away from a local grocery store, etc. 

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