October 12, 2010

Tip of the day—Build your medicine cabinet with coupons

Yesterday afternoon it started. That achy feeling in your joints that comes right before you come down with a cold or bug, and I immediately started my regimen to keep the problem from worsening.  Rest, a dose of Emergen-C, and hot tea.  While I don’t do much medicine unless I really feel like I need it, I reviewed the medicine options last night just in case I felt worse.  There were 3 boxes of Theraflu, still unopened from a money maker at Wags earlier in the year.  Another bottle of Ibuprofen, again a freebie from Wags, was waiting to address aches and pains.  Another handful of related OTCs were on the shelves if needed all purchased either very cheap or for free.  Looking on other shelves I saw free first aid kits, free toiletries, free bandages, free kids medications (even though our daughter has never taken an OTC cold medication in her life), inexpensive Tums, and many other products “bought” with coupons. 

I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling bad the last thing I want to do is go out to the drugstore.  And why is it that when you are feeling bad, all of the medicines you need are full price or higher and there isn’t a coupon in sight??  By stockpiling with coupons and deals, you have what you need on hand. 

Like I said earlier, I don’t really take many OTCs or prescription medications unless really needed.  Because of this, I also recommend that you build your stockpile of homeopathic remedies.  Ginger tea, elderberries for making syrup, Emergen-C, zinc, Medieval mix, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, and Epsom salts are all available to us as needed.  Because of rest and use of a few of those go-to remedies, I’m feeling a lot better than I did last night.  I’m still not 100%, but I plan to take it easy today so that I’m up and running with all engines tomorrow.

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