October 6, 2010

Tip of the day—Call the company

Hubby was ordering letters for the church sign this week.  He had reviewed the online catalog at least half a dozen times, and he was pretty set on what he would be ordering.  He had some questions, though, and I encouraged him to phone the company. By doing so, he learned that there was a much better suited lettering and much less expensive option.  He was also able to have them delivered to the church in half of the time that the website said because of speaking to a real person. 

For smaller companies, in particular those who have phone operators actually working in the company instead of overseas, you’ll have someone with whom you can ask questions about the product and ask about any discounts or deals.  When I was first ordering potatoes, for instance, I called a potato seed distributor located in the US.   The sales rep was able to tell me what I needed for my climate and took the time to give me info on how to plant and harvest.  Because of she took a few minutes of her time with me, I am loyal to that company.  I know that I will get good customer service and good prices, and whenever I can, I will opt to buy through them as a result.

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