October 15, 2010

Tip of the day—Share the freebies

My sister and my dad both like that I coupon, but neither of them have caught the coupon fever yet.  In the past, I would forward them news about freebies and deals, but they would rarely take the time to sign up.  Then I realized that it would take me only another 30 seconds to request an extra freebie for each of them, and I asked their permission to do so.  I make sure to sign up for ones that I think they would each enjoy or could use in their homes, not every coupon or freebie that I come across.  This gives them a little surprise in the mailbox every once in a while, and I feel like I’m sharing the freebie wealth.  The bonus of this is every so often a great coupon is included in the freebies.  Since neither of them use coupons regularly, they will usually pass it back to me.  I then use it for our home or for the church food pantry. 

What ways do you share your freebies?  Here are some ideas:

  • Be a coupon fairy and leave extra coupons that might make for free or super cheap products in grocery store aisles for other shoppers.
  • Tell a fellow customer about a coupon or deal if you see that they might already have the item in their grocery cart.  Pass on extra coupons to them that they might use.  Be careful how you do this—sometimes you’ll look like you are being a Nosy Rosy, and other times people will be ecstatic that you shared the wealth.
  • Food, toiletries, and cleaning products are desperately needed at food pantries, shelters, and sometimes even schools.  Share from your stockpile with those in need.  Blue Frog Creations has a weekly post about couponing for charity that will give you some ideas about freebies or cheapies to purchase and share.  Look at coupon matchups, and when you spot the word FREE hone in on that deal.  Example, we aren’t fans of instant potatoes.  This week, we picked up 2 free Idahoan potatoes from Kroger with coupons, which we then donated to the church food pantry.
  • Check out my post on how to start a coupon ministry and consider starting one in your church, synagogue or community center.
  • When a friend or neighbor is having a baby, getting married, or moving into a new home, make a gift basket.  Check out this post from Coupon Mommie to get inspired.
  • If you would like to know some places to make toiletry donations, check out this post I wrote last year.
  • Add your extra freebies to the stocking stuffers that Santa brings so that everyone’s stockings are overflowing with goodies this year. 

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