November 15, 2010

Meal Planning, Week of 11/15

I try to balance how much I put on this blog about our family and myself.  This weekend I’ll be on medical leave that will last through most of next week.  I’m going to try and schedule some posts so you still have information that will be of help to you and your family.  However, my meal plan will be a little strange for the weekend.

This meal plan is for 2 adults and 1 child and the occasional guest to dine with us.  NOTE—I often make enough food to freeze or have for another meal.  Because of this, leftovers are counted as $0 on the menu.  If we go to a restaurant, it counts in a different part of our family budget.


Baked sweet potatoes (bought at the farmers market, grown organically) $2

Vegetable soup from the freezer $0

Crackers (bought for free after coupon) $0

Carrot Sticks and dip (leftover from a baby shower yesterday) $0

Sautéed Pears (we still have a few that I picked while in Memphis) $0

Approximate cost: $2



Snack supper—our daughter’s favorite kind

Apples with peanut butter for dipping (organic apples free from Earth Fare, pb bought on sale with coupon)50cts

Pepperoni (leftover from when I made pizza last) $0

Cream cheese, hot pepper jelly and crackers (crackers were free after coupon, another type was bought on sale with a coupon, cream cheese was free after coupon and Mega Event, hot pepper jelly is homemade) 50cts

Carrot sticks and broccoli with dip (leftover from baby shower) $0

Pickled beets (from the garden, essentially free) $0

If I get industrious enough today, I’ll also make whole wheat banana bread for dessert.  (marked down bananas frozen, butter bought on sale with coupon, wheat home milled, milk and lemon juice used b/c I forgot to buy buttermilk at the farmers market) $1-2

Approximate cost: $1.50-$2.50



Last week, I totally forgot that we had planned a pj party for the kids at church.  Therefore this week, we’ll have the meal plan that I had made note of last week:  We’re having green beans and okra and tomatoes that I put up from the church garden this summer, chicken, and corn.  We’ll have cupcakes for dessert in honor of a birthday.

Approximate cost: $0 (church budget, though this will be an inexpensive meal thanks to preserving foods from the church garden, coupons, and sales)



Burgers (grass-fed, organically grown local beef, bunless) $6

Roasted potatoes with rosemary (both from the garden, olive oil bought on sale with coupon) 25cts

Salad greens and tomatoes (free from the garden, dressed with salad dressing bought on sale with high dollar coupon) 25cts

Okra and tomatoes (from the freezer, from the garden this summer) $0

Approximate cost: $6.50



Dinner with Hubby at the hospital

Approximate cost: $0



Meal from friends/family

Approximate cost: $0



Either leftovers, or Hubby will make soup and sandwiches

(Soup was free after coupons, whole wheat bread and lunchmeat bought on sale with coupon, mustard free, lettuce/tomatoes/pickles free from the garden)

Approximate cost: $0-$2

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