November 29, 2010

Meal Planning, Week of 11/29

The meal plan below is for Hubby, me, and our daughter with an occasional guest or family member joining us. 

NOTE—I often make enough food to freeze or have for another meal.  Because of this, leftovers are counted as $0 on the menu.  If we go to a restaurant, it counts in a different part of our family budget.


Snack supper (our daughter’s favorite type)

A cup of leftover soup $0

Clementines $1

Cheese and crackers $1

Carrot sticks and dip (dip bought on super sale at Walgreens with coupon) 50cts

Boiled eggs $1

Approximate cost: $3.50



Pan seared chicken (organic chicken bought marked down and with coupon) $1.81

Pasta (free after coupon and sale, dressed with the pan drippings) $0

A bit of lettuce greens dressed with a little olive oil and vinegar (lettuce free from the garden)

Approximate cost: $2



I’ll be making the meal for the children at church tonight with a friend.  Because we’ll be Christmas caroling, we’re keeping it simple with nachos

Approximate cost: $0 (from the church budget, though both the chips and cheese were leftover from our Faithstock event and the only expense will be a bit of sour cream and salsa)



Lamb stew (stew meat bought from a local farmer) $6

Potatoes and onions from the garden (free)

Carrots 50cts

(potatoes, onions, and carrots cooked as part of the stew)

Homemade Irish soda bread and butter $1

Approximate cost: $7.50



Venison tenderloin (free from my brother-in-law)

I’m going to try cooking it with rosemary (from the garden) and some of the cranberry mustard I made. I hope it turns out good!

Cost of mustard approx 50cts

Roasted sweet potatoes (from a local farmer) $3

Roasted yellow potatoes (from our garden) $0

Summer squash from the freezer (from the garden earlier in the year) $0

Leftover soda bread and butter

Approximate cost: $3.50



Either leftovers or

Quesadillas $5

Saffron Rice (free after coupon) $0

Fruit for dessert 50cts

Approximate cost: $0-$5.50



Tuna Salad (tuna bought on sale) and Crackers $3

Crudités and dip (dip bought on super sale at Wags with coupon) $1

Cup of soup from the freezer $0

Approximate cost: $4

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