November 10, 2010

Tip of the day—Gobble, Gobble

Turkey will be the centerpiece for most Thanksgiving tables this year.  Here are a few of my turkey tips:

  • Buy an extra turkey when you get a great deal and have a coupon.  Who decided that we can only eat roasted turkey one time a year anyway?  I like to roast a turkey and use some for sandwiches, some for casseroles and to make turkey soup out of the carcass and bits of meat not used for another recipe.
  • Don’t waste.  Like I mentioned above, use the turkey carcass, skins, and pieces  you don’t eat as leftovers to make stock or soup.  You’ll be surprised at how good soup based with turkey instead of chicken can be!
  • Buy 2 small turkeys instead of 1 large. 
    • If you have limited oven space, cook 1 turkey off the night before your feast and have it for leftovers and seconds.  Cook the other the day of so that it is fresh and hot for your holiday feast. 
    • If you have people in your family who fight over the legs, you’ll now have 4 legs instead of just two.  This works the same for the wishbone game.
    • If you have coupons for a turkey, you’ll most likely save more.  If you have a $4 off of a turkey coupon but buy a $20 bird, you’ll pay $16.  If you use 2 coupons and buy 2 $10 birds, though, you’ll only pay $12.  Chaching!
  • Buy after the holiday for closeout deals.  Last year my dad bragged about buying an entire turkey for only $4.  Of course, I had to wonder how he could have worked the deal had he had a coupon.  Watch for mark downs right after Thanksgiving and be aware of coupon expiration dates.  Just like Halloween candy coupons, some turkey coupons expire the day of Thanksgiving. 
  • Buy only the breast.  Last year when our local Kroger was going out of business, I scored a turkey breast (the turkey without the wings and legs) for only a few dollars.  If you don’t eat dark meat, why bother paying for it?  

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