November 9, 2010

Tip of the day—Matchups and Shopping

Right before you plan to go shopping, check the blogs for matchups.  Sometimes a deal is unearthed that wasn’t on the first posting or a new coupon has come out that will make for a free or super cheap buy.  This is especially true for Target, as it seems that closeout deals and mark downs are found throughout the week. 

My system--

  1. Look through the newspaper circulars, cutting coupons I think I will use and making note of deals at stores at which I typically shop.
  2. Monday I look through the blogs and highlight matchup deals that I find on websites.  I usually look at a couple of sites.  For instance, Coupon Mommie  or Coupon Katie might find a local deal that Southern Savers missed at Kroger.  Hip2Save might highlight something on a Walgreens deal that I Heart Wags failed to mention.  Blue Frog Creations weekly post on Shopping for Charity might focus on some freebies that would be good for donations that Money Saving Mom didn’t include. 
  3. I pull out any coupons that I plan to use for my trip and tuck them in a separate section of my coupon binder.  For printable coupons, I don’t even bother to cut them out until I am at the store and know for sure I’ll use them.  Coupon Mommie first taught me the trick of including a pair of scissors in your coupon binder.
  4. Right before I go shopping, I give the blogs another once over.  If another deal is found, I make note of it on my list. (You can find some of my favorite blogs by looking under the “Links” tab on my blog).
  5. When shopping, I go down almost every aisle.  I know that this doesn’t make much sense when looking at statistics of shoppers who buy more, but for me it works.  I look for words like “closeout” in the packaged goods and for mark downs in the meat section.  When I have a good coupon, I will price that item a few times before it expires to make sure I’m getting the best possible buy.  For instance, I still have my $1/1 Simply Orange juice coupons.  I have been watching the prices at various stores to make sure I can get that price as close to $1 before I buy it. 
  6. I try to always check my receipt.  The few times I forget or fail to look over it closely is when I find a mistake.  It is much easier to run to customer service while you are still in the store rather than trying to remember your receipt for next time you are shopping. 

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  1. I post Kroger, Meijer and Publix...And I have a Giving Back to the Community Tab as well! Just in case you see something the others missed ;)