November 3, 2010

Tip of the day—Rule of 10

Having trouble getting your child to clean up toys?  “Clean up 10 toys now and we’ll clean up another 10 after lunch.”

Procrastinating on cleaning the house?  “I’ll pick up 10 things”  “I’ll set the timer and clean for 10 minutes.”

Don’t really want to exercise today?  “I’ll walk 10 laps.”  “I’ll do 10 minutes of cardio.”

Need to regroup? “I’ll take 10 minutes for meditation and prayer.”

Have a big project you are working on for work?  “I’ll look over it for 10 minutes and then put it down for a while.”  You’ll be surprised at how much this helps you to refocus!

Working on organizing your closet?  “I’ll pull out just 10 things that I haven’t worn in a while and need to get out of here.”

The rule of 10 works every time for me.  The funny thing is that when I tell myself I only have to do 10 of something I don’t feel pinned in anymore.  I usually end up cleaning or working for a few minutes longer than that and make much more progress.  Give it a try.

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