November 2, 2010

Tip of the day—Start saving your newspapers

  • This time of the year, we start to save a few newspapers to use as fire starters.  If you roll the newspapers very tightly into rolls, they act like those fire starter logs that you can buy at Target and Walmart. 
  • When putting down mulch, add a thick layer of newspaper as a weed barrier first.  You will be surprised at how well this and the mulch layer work at keeping those pesky weeds away. 
  • In the fall and spring, I try to clean the windows of our home.  By using newspaper instead of paper towels to wipe away the grime, you save paper waste and the newspaper helps to prevent fogging and streaking. 
  • I add strips of newspaper to my compost heap since we have more green material (kitchen scraps) than brown material (leaves and such). 

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