November 11, 2010

Tip of the day—Take photos of art work

If your house is anything like ours, there are a half a million “creations”, drawings, works of art from little hands EVERYWHERE.  While I appreciate a good piece of art as much as the next Momma, I find myself swimming in them lately.  I found this idea in a magazine a while back, and I’m going to start putting it into practice.  Take photos of your children’s art work.  They can be saved on the computer or made into a photo collage if you choose.  It will help prevent some tears when it is time to recycle a few of the pieces of art to make way for more “creations”. 

One more tip comes from Reluctant Entertainer.  She uses binders for each grade level to keep some of the really special pieces of art, homework assignments, tests, and photos all in the same place.  She said that it is easier and less tedious than making a scrapbook, and I would tend to agree. 


  1. I saw my daughter's drawing one day, it's more to a sketch than a drawing actually. She just learn to "draw" people face, and i think that it was funny. So i decided to keep it and frame it. there's a sentimental value. The scrapbook thing is another cool ideas.I will try to make one.she is only 3 years old. it must be fun to look at it back when she is 13.

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