November 27, 2010

Tip of the day—use that syrup

Yesterday I was canning kumquats (I’ll try to post the recipe soon) that my great aunts had brought us from Texas when they were passing through this week.  After I filled the jars, there was a lot of syrup leftover.  Instead of throwing it out, I used it to sweeten the tea I had brewed for supper.  The hint of orange with the cinnamon and sugar worked perfectly with the orange spiced iced tea I had made.   Normally we drink unsweetened tea.  Not only did using the syrup prevent waste, it was also a nice treat for us to enjoy.

Next time you have a bit of syrup left over from canning or from a jar or can of fruit, try using it as a sweetener for your tea.  If you happened to be baking or plan to bake the next day, reserve some of the syrup to brush on your cake or quick bread when it is fresh from the oven.  It will give the bread a glossy look and make it moister.

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