December 5, 2010

A Happy Thought


Dance of Days
by Becky Butcher Burks

Sing silvery soft rain
Down upon my garden
To make the flowers tremble
And send forth petaled joy
A bloomy exuberance
That leaves me light-headed

Spin silky strands of sunshine
And lay them gently across the land
Golden afternoons filled           
With dancing light and shadow
Souvenirs of short summer days
That disappear all too soon
Write strong harvest wind-poems
Sonnets to shake the leaves from the trees
Blustery days that take my breath away
Followed by frosty nights full of moon
The smell of wood-smoke reminds me
This is the winding-down time
Think deep quiet snow-thoughts
Until the flakes come thick and fast
Finding every crack and crevice
Before the blue-white twilight falls
Leaving the whole world
Like a page not yet written upon

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