December 3, 2010

Knoxville and Maryville Coupon Bloggers: Ways to Volunteer This Christmas Season

As I’ve mentioned, I recently had the pleasure of meeting for lunch with some of the local coupon bloggers in our area.   At that meeting, we decided to ban together to bring you some of the best ways to save your family money this holiday season.  Stay tuned now through December to hear some of the best tips and ways to save from Adventures in MomvilleBlue Frog Creations, Coupon Katie, Coupon Mommie, Coupons Are Money, Frugalissa Finds, Frugally Farming Family, Knoxmoms.comKnoxville MamabelleKnoxville on a Dime, Sharing Savings with You, and me/Couponing in Critical Times. 

Here is a listing of the titles covered thus far:

Today’s post comes from Christy of Coupons Are Money. She writes about Ways to Volunteer This Christmas Season.  Christy not only writes about this topic, but she lives it.  Each time I see her or talk with her, I learn about another volunteer project with which she is involved.  Never boasting and always humble, her spirit of servant leadership is inspiring, and I want to be more like her when I grow up.  One of the ideas she mentions for volunteering is especially near and dear to my heart:

Call up a nursing home, and adopt a "grandparent" during this season...who knows, maybe it will turn into a long term thing. The administration all know which residents do not have family.

Residents of nursing homes are often very isolated.  Having someone to read to them, write letters for them, or just drop by and visit, means more than you will ever know.  They especially delight in seeing children.  Our Kid Konnection children's choir recently visited an assisted living facility in our area, and the residents were absolutely thrilled with their concert.  Yet, I think all of us who visited gained even more from the experience!

If you aren’t sure how to interact with someone with dementia, check with the activity director for some pointers.  Music is almost always a great starting place.  We were talking at church yesterday about how music can bring someone in the late stages of dementia into a state of awareness and happiness when they couldn’t be reached by any other means. 

Talk with your children about the experience before you visit and process it afterwards.  They might have questions and might have reactions that would surprise you.  They see with their hearts as well as their eyes in a way that we grownups can’t quite manage. 

Happy Volunteering!

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