December 2, 2010

Knoxville & Maryville Coupon Bloggers: Setting and Stretching Your Christmas Budget

UPDATE—I’ve been remiss in calling these posts Knoxville Coupon Bloggers as a couple of our gals are from the Maryville area.  Sorry about that gals! ;)

As I’ve mentioned, I recently had the pleasure of meeting for lunch with some of the local coupon bloggers in our area.   At that meeting, we decided to ban together to bring you some of the best ways to save your family money this holiday season.  Stay tuned now through December to hear some of the best tips and ways to save from Adventures in MomvilleBlue Frog Creations, Coupon Katie, Coupon Mommie, Coupons Are Money, Frugalissa Finds, Frugally Farming Family, Knoxmoms.comKnoxville MamabelleKnoxville on a Dime, Sharing Savings with You, and me/Couponing in Critical Times. 

Here is a listing of the titles covered thus far:

Today’s post is from Katie of Coupon Katie.  She writes about one of my favorite and least favorite topics—budgeting—in her post Setting and Stretching Your Christmas Budget.  I don’t know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with my budget.  I love what it does, how it keeps us on track, how it keeps me disciplined, how I can see how much money we are saving… I hate it because, well, it is a budget—it keeps us on track and disciplined. 

Katie adds a few tips on budgeting for the holidays and then some other great info on stretching your budget.  She mixes the nuts and bolts with some fun ways to save.  Below is my favorite tip because so few people factor in the miscellaneous stuff into their holiday budget:

Make a list of all the miscellaneous Christmas items you will buy.
Wrapping paper, Christmas cards, stamps, baking supplies, etc. All these things add up and should go into your Christmas budget. Thinking of all of these things beforehand will help keep you from overspending.

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