December 15, 2010

Sears $10/$20, Old Navy $1 Fleece, and a donation idea

Knox Area Rescue Ministries

Have you heard about the new Sears $10/$20 coupon? It is valid through tomorrow, 12/16, and will make for some awesome deals!  I went today and picked up a few things (can’t say what they are in case someone who is receiving them is reading).  This coupon is valid for clearance and sale priced apparel.  While there were many sales in the store I visited, I didn’t see as many clearance priced items as I had hoped for.  Even still, I left pleased with my purchases.

I am writing this a little after 11pm, and I just now made it to the computer to work.  I picked up this letter from Knoxville Area Rescue Ministry and thought that if you were planning on visiting Sears to use this coupon, you might pick up a few gloves, hats or scarves for a donation.  To work the deal in the best way possible, you might want to have separate orders (the cashier didn’t bat an eye when I asked about doing this) and use the gloves or smaller items as fillers to make it as close to $20 as you can. 

Also, Old Navy is having a sale on their performance fleece this weekend, 12/18 only, where scarves are only $1!  If you are stopping by to pick up some for you, why not buy an extra few to donate?

Dear Friends,

Few of us can imagine what it's like to spend Christmas Eve at a homeless shelter.  In Knoxville over 400 people will do just that this year.

But it's not too late to spread the love of Christ in a tangible way this Christmas!

Knox Area Rescue Ministries (KARM) would like to provide each of their anticipated Christmas Eve overnight guests (400+ men and women) with warm hats and gloves as a very practical Christmas gift. We call this annual effort "Goodwill to Men."

We are praying for partners in ministry to purchase and drop off 400 sets of UNWRAPPED men's and women's hats and gloves at the front desk of KARM, 418 N. Broadway, before December 21st.

For more information, call (865)673-6540, or email

If you are outside of the Knoxville area, I encourage you to pick up a few gloves, hats, or scarves for a homeless shelter in your area. 

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