December 14, 2010

Sun Tan City—FREE Tan Week


Now through December 19th, non club members and discounted upper level visitors at Sun Tan City can score a FREE fast tan!  If you are already a member, you can get a little upgrade.  Go here to find a Sun Tan City near you.  Thanks Allison for sending me this info!!


  1. The Sun Tan City Bronzer Days Event starts tomorrow, where members get free upgrades into the next level bed as well as discounts on products. And non-members get free tanning in the Fast bed, plus discounts on products. The Bronzer Day event goes on June 1 - 9! For more information, feel free to check out our Facebook page:

  2. Victoria, I didn't see any information on the facebook page about this. Can you send me more info and I'll post? couponingincriticaltimes at gmail dot com

  3. In case you haven't heard, Sun Tan City is running a couple of great specials this month. The whole month of July we are hosting our Lotion Trade-In Event, where you can bring in a bottle of lotion and receive $15 off a purchase of a new bottle of lotion priced at $40 or more. The lotion you trade in can be new or used, and you didn't have to purchase at a Sun Tan City location.

    We are also running the 99 Cent Event, where members get Weekend Upgrade Pricing all month long. And non-members can tan in the Fast bed for 99 cents all month. For more information on this event, here is a link to our blog: