December 15, 2010

Tip of the day—Find the beauty in ordinary things

As my dad was recovering from heart surgery years ago, I remember him looking at a plastic bag.  In his younger years, he painted with oils—everything from deep dark tones and thick brush strokes to light and funny paintings for me when I was a child.  He has an artistic eye, and he looked across the room at that plastic bag and started talking about how the light was reflecting off of its many folds and sides.  He said that had he had a brush, canvas and paints and felt better, he would have painted it.  He had an entire conversation with me about how beautiful something so simple really was when you looked at it the right way.  Now, I’m sure a heavy dose of pain medication had a lot to do with the extent of the conversation, but I also think that he was seeing beauty in something so ordinary because he was so grateful to be alive.  An experience like that makes you see the world differently.

Today, open yourself up to opportunities to find the beauty in the ordinary.  Appreciate the beauty in usefulness of tools, utensils, and vessels you own.  Watch for the beauty in the natural world both large scale and small.  Become aware of the parts of your home that are worn with use and love.  You just might find that when you appreciate the ordinary, it won’t seem so ordinary after all. 

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