December 1, 2010

Tip of the day—Tell someone thank you

Take just a minute to think of someone in your life who, though he/she routinely does something for your benefit, you for one reason or another fail to show your appreciation.  The cleaning people at work, the garbage collectors, the leaf and brush collectors, your postal carrier…  Now think of someone from your past who taught you something, who shared something important with you, who showed you that you mattered.  Make a point to reach out to both of those people today and show your gratitude and appreciation.  Not only tell him or her thank you but share with them why you are grateful for what they do.  If possible, also recognize them in front of an employer or manager so that they receive that kudos as well.  If you are unable to reach the person or don’t know how, send them light and love.  Pray for them and and feel a sense of happiness when you think about what they have done for you.

The funny thing about gratitude is that it helps you as much as it helps the person you are thanking.  If you try this tip, I think you’ll be amazed at what a wonderful day you’ll have knowing that you reached out to someone else with a spirit of love.

In the month of December, I plan to focus most of my tips of the day on ways to make your Merry Christmas even merrier.  Have a blessed holiday season!

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