January 31, 2011

Annie’s Root 4 Kids Gardening Kit, FREE with UPCs

I told you about this in January and wanted to send you a little reminder about this great promo!  A special thanks to Money Saving Maine-iac for reminding me about this!

On page 8 of our Feb/March 2011 Organic Gardening Magazine Annie's has announced this upcoming promotion:

Dig In.  Get kids excited about real food with a Root 4 Kids gardening kit.  Between 2/1//2011 and 4/30/2011, buy any two Annie's products and get a Root 4 Kids gardening kit for FREE.  Visit Annies.com for details.

*Root 4 Kids gardening kit includes gardening gloves and heirloom seeds.

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  1. Another treat for parents who want to bond with their children through gardening, check out the book Growing Up Green by Charles E. Majuri http://www.perfscipress.com/growing-up-green/