January 15, 2011

FREE Digital Subscription to Mothering Magazine!


This was one of my favorite magazines when our daughter was a baby, and I was thrilled when my friend Amber told me about a new coupon code to get a FREE digital subscription to Mothering!  Use code CDMDC and make sure to check digital.  I used the code last night and almost instantly had the current edition in my inbox.  The site says that they give you a link so that you can print any coupons found in the magazine, too!

Thanks again Amber!

UPDATE—someone emailed me that they had a problem using the code.  For her, it said that the code was invalid.  I tried it again, using our daughter’s email address this time, to see if it would work.  It went through fine for me.  I’m not sure if only certain zip codes are being allowed or what.  Let me know if you are able to get this freebie.  I hope you are—it is such a great magazine!

The friend who tried it and said that it was “invalid” said that she tried it another couple of times and by the third try it worked for her.  You might want to give that a shot.  Some of Money Saving Mom’s readers have found that if you try it using a different browser it might work for you.


  1. It finally worked for me. I must have been doing something wrong. Just be sure you fill out all the info on the first page and it should work. Sorry for the confusion Gabe!

  2. It said "Code is invalid "