January 10, 2011

Great deal on organic maple syrup!

41Wcs77qZWL__SL500_AA300_ Our family is completely out of maple syrup, and my hubby has been begging wanting me to buy some more.  I looked on Amazon last week, but the prices were higher than I had paid in the past.  After searching local stores and the internet, I was just about to place a bulk order with some friends for a little discount and free shipping.  Then, I saw that the Coombs Family Farms Organic Maple Syrup is now a little less on Amazon.  With free shipping and choosing the subscribe and save option (which can be cancelled right after your order goes through) for a 15% discount, I scored a half gallon worth of organic maple syrup shipped for only $33.66!  The other gals who were going to order with me can do the same and not have the hassle of having to pick it up at my place, which makes things a little easier on them.  Don’t you just love catching great deals???


  1. With all the great things you do, I'm surprised you don't harvest your own maple syrup! :)

  2. Too funny! Not enough maple trees on our property--I'll use that as my excuse. ;)