January 31, 2011

Three Rivers Market Produce Specials, 1/31-2/6

trm Three Rivers Market Produce specials: Jan. 31 - Feb. 6

  • OG Cilantro, $1.29 ea. (reg. 1.69 ea. - save 40¢) Said to be the oldest herb used by man, it also goes by the name Coriander.  Fans of the herb, (you either love it, or not) find the pungent flavor intoxicating and consider it an essential part of many Asian and Mexican dishes.
  • OG Roma Tomatoes,  $2.19 lb. (reg. 2.69 lb. - save 50¢) The quintessential sauce tomato.  Also happily at home when roasted, on a pizza, in a marinade, or when you just have to have a dash of red on the plate.  Chock full of lycopene and fun to pronounce - especially when you roll the 'r'.
  • OG Blueberries (6 oz), $3.29 ea. (reg. $3.69 - save 40¢) One of our favorite fruits makes an early visit this year.  Get 'em now and remind your mouth what June tastes like.


  1. Hi Gabrielle-This is so yummy. Hey, what is the name of that cute little inside market with multiple vendors selling gift/home made items in Knoxville? I'm blanking on name? laura

  2. I think you are referring to The Southern Market--it is off of Homberg in the Bearden area of Knoxville. Does that sound right? It is one of my favorite gift shops!