January 3, 2011

Three Rivers Market—some great sale prices this week on organics!

prod_1_3_11Three Rivers Market has some great sale prices for organic produce this week!  Some of the prices are cheaper than conventional produce at the grocery store!!

  • Organic Lemons, 5 for $2 or 40¢ ea. (reg. 55¢ ea.) Sour, yes, but also the perfect counterpoint for so many delectable dishes.  There's also the fact that they're one of the most deliciously aromatherapeutic fruits to be found.  Go ahead, squeeze one and try to be angry.
  • Organic Limes, 6 for $2 or 33¢ ea. (reg. 45¢ ea.) Put it in the coconut, or put it in the gin & tonic, or put it in the Key Lime Pie, or just stick them in a bowl, create a still-life study and go all Gauguin with the paints.  At this price you can afford to go nuts...
  • Organic Celery, $1.79 ea. (reg. $2.19, save 40¢)  The same plant family as carrots, parsley, fennel and caraway, but far more versatile.  Paired with onion and carrot this workhorse makes up the aromatic vegetable troika of most stocks.  Indispensible.

There are also some really good prices available through the Co-op Advantage Store sales.  Check out the matchup here.  I’m buying a case of the Muir Glen tomatoes (with my case discount these will only be $7.94 for 12 cans before tax and after the coupons) and some of the Brown Cow yogurt!

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