January 10, 2011

Tip of the day—Look around the grocery store

When shopping at a different grocery store take a look around if you have time.  You might find some of the items you regularly buy cheaper at another store.  You might also find products available there that aren’t at the store you frequent. 

No matter what store it is, be sure to check the clearance section.  Things that might be passed up at one store might sell like hotcakes at another and vice versa.  With coupons some of those clearance items can come home with you for free or very cheap.  One of my favorite stores for clearance goods is Ingles.  I almost always score something great when I’m there.  One time it might be organic pasta sauce that just costs pennies after a coupon.  Another time there might be a cart full of Windex with Vinegar awaiting my arrival.  Still another time a box of canning jars sits pleading for a good home. 

Be sure to ask a store attendant where the marked down items are usually kept if you aren’t sure.  Sometimes the stores put everything in one place and other times you’ll find a clearance section and a holiday clearance section separately.

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