January 21, 2011

Tip of the day—Mark your calendar

Last night I went to a funeral service for a church friend.  It was such a sweet time, hearing memories and stories from his past. 

The experience made me think of a tip, that while completely unrelated to couponing, might be of help.  Whenever you have a friend who has a significant event, mark your calendar a month into the future of that event.  When someone has lost a loved one, had a miscarriage or lost a home to a fire, usually there is an immediate response from everyone. People bring food, ask how they are doing, and do what they can to help.  In a month’s time, most people go back to their routines yet the pain that the person feels is still present.  I try to touch base with the person and see how I might be able to help, offering to take them out to coffee, bring over some muffins, or help in some other way. 

This works well for celebrations, too.  After a baby is born, it is a jubilant time.  The excitement and rush of welcoming the new baby into the world is thrilling.  Making the adjustments to the baby’s schedule, life as a larger family, and the work of motherhood can have its challenges, though.  About a month after the baby is born, the mom might appreciate a visit, a card, a little gift just for her, and/or a meal brought for the family to enjoy. 

As for a newly married couple, they might like the thought that someone other than them remembered their “monthaversary”.

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