January 6, 2011

Tip of the day—opt for multifunctional

Whenever you are shopping, keep your eye out for products or clothes that can be used more than one way.  You’ll get more bang for your buck.  Some ideas:

  • I have a reversible belt that I love.  One side is brown and one is black, and it makes packing for a long trip a little easier.
  • Look for reversible jackets or skirts to get two outfits for the price of one.
  • I prefer a toaster oven to a toaster.  I can toast bread in it, bake a small batch of rolls or reheat a meal.  Yes, it takes up a little more space, but I use it so often that I don’t mind it.  Bonus, by using it as my oven in the summer months, I don’t heat up the entire kitchen by using the larger oven.
  • We have a home printer that is also a scanner.  It cost a little more than a printer but we use it all of the time.  I can scan a document into the computer and send it in pdf form to someone else, which replaces the need for a fax machine.  I can make copies of records or receipts so that I have them available for later reference. 
  • Avoid products that have only one use, especially when they take up a lot of storage space.  There is an appliance that unscrews jars.  While it is a tool that is very helpful for people with limited use of their hands, such as in the case of progressed arthritis, for others this device will just be something else you have to store. 

1 comment:

  1. My most valuable multi-functional item in my kitchen is my GE Advantium Microwave/Oven. While renovating my kitchen a couple years ago I found this appliance and haven't regretted the decision to this day. It's not only a microwave, but it's also an oven. It's perfect for those nights when it's just my husband and I and I want to make a roast or meals that I would have normally turned on my full size oven. It cooks the same as a regular oven and in half the time. This appliance wins as my multifunctional kitchen tool.