January 31, 2011

Tip of the day—Printing Coupons

It is the end of the month--time to print any coupons you don't want to miss. Many coupon sites refresh their coupons at the first of the month. While some might still be available, others will be gone.

My thoughts on printing coupons--

  • Whenever you print coupons, you are spending money on ink and paper so make them worth your while. I only print coupons when I know with a good amount of certainty that I'll actually use them.
  • I check any matchups or websites that post a preview of sales ads for grocery or drugstores. If I see a deal that is a freebie or cheapie where I can use one of the printable coupons, I'll print and save it.
  • If the coupon is an unusually high amount, I'll usually print. For example, the Voskos $1/1 coupons that were recently posted on Facebook were worth me printing because Voskos yogurts sometimes go on sale at Kroger for around that amount.
  • Remember that some coupon bloggers have printable coupons on their sites and earn a little money for each coupon that is printed. If you have one that you really like, give him or her a little thank you by printing from the blog. (I don't have this available on mine, so I'm offering unbiased advice on this issue). Unfortunately, for this same reason, some coupon bloggers over-emphasize the value of a printable coupon. Use your own judgment as to whether or not the coupon is really "hot" for your family.

1 comment:

  1. Good point! I go to ShopRite grocery store and before I go on my weekly shopping trip I always check their website for coupons. They have several ways to save, but my favorite are the coupons that I like that I 'Click to Save' on my store card. When I get to the register, providing I purchased those items, once they swipe my customer card the money comes off! How convenient is that!