February 13, 2011

Day 13—Challenge Update

Today was a beautiful day in my neighborhood.  Sunny skies, 60+ degrees, and dry.  Lovely!  It wasn’t a day that I wanted to spend indoors cooking. 

I was pretty tired last night when we arrived home and didn’t manage to make up the dough for the cinnamon rolls.  I decided to use the ones we had bought at the store for a small moneymaker this weekend, and I’ve promised Hubby some homemade ones as a belated Valentine’s gift next weekend.  After church we changed clothes, packed up the car, and headed over to PawPaw’s house to bike.  We enjoyed lunch with him and then let our daughter practice riding.

Breakfast—Boiled Eggs, Bacon, and Cinnamon Rolls

Lunch—Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Leftover Mac and Cheese, Carrot Sticks, and Leftover Cobbler

Supper—We’ve had heavy meals early in the day and so tonight’s supper will be lighter.  We’ll eat some of the leftovers, make up a salad, or grab something small. 

What did I learn from today? 

It is funny how varied people’s reactions to this challenge are.  (If you are just tuning in I’m referring to the February Eat from the Pantry Challenge.) Some friends and family have been asking me about it, showing real interest and excitement about how we are doing.  Others say that they think we are a little nuts.  My dad seems to be asking me more often if I need anything, as if he is concerned that we need him to buy us groceries.  I keep reinforcing the reasons we are doing the challenge and explain that we have more than enough food.  Anyone else getting mixed reactions from people you know?

If you don’t want to eat your leftovers, you can always share them with someone else.  I had some free-after-coupon flavored coffee creamer that was getting near expiration date.  Since I rarely drink coffee at home, I decided to bring it to church this morning and set by the coffee station.  It was nice to know that others would enjoy it and that it wouldn’t go to waste.  My dad often swaps out leftovers with us so that we each have something new to us to enjoy for supper.  Hubby isn’t really keen on eating leftovers, and this plan helps to reduce waste.

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  1. I like your idea of swapping out left overs, but sadly I have nobody to swap with. I do give my son & DIL alot of our left overs because DH won't eat some things the second time around. And since son and Dil only cook enough for one meal & have 2 growing teens, they have nothing to swap.
    It was a beautiful Day here also. After coming home from Church I finally got some work done outside, DH finally got my leaf blower fix and I put it to good use cleaning up the winter sleet and snow limbs and leaves. We had a Dinner on the Ground at Church so I didn't have to cook. Fix DH an omlet for supper and I ate a sandwich ham and cheese, no left overs there..
    Hope you have a great day