February 14, 2011

Day 14—Half way through the Eat from the Pantry Challenge

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve already had waaaaay too many sweets today! 

Our daughter exchanges Valentine’s Day cards with her friends, and many of them put little goodies or treats in with the cards.  We had bought some extra Yummy Earth organic lollipops last time I placed a Frontier order as preplanning for the holiday.  We added one to each of her cards, and we have enough extras that we’ll share them with her friends at Kid Konnection on Wednesday night, too. 

After I picked her up from school today, we did some special Valentine’s errands.  We first went to Marble Slab to get the free sample of tiramisu ice cream.  It is delicious!  The sample size is just that, though—a sample.  Then we went across the street to the local Krispy Kreme to get two free donuts from Valentine’s cards that friends had given us.  We brought the leftovers home because it was a little too much sweet for us in that short amount of time. 

This evening I have a special dinner planned for us, and you’ll see the details on that below.  When I planned on having this month-long challenge, I knew that I wanted to do something special for the holiday.  I was lucky enough to still have some lamb chops in the freezer, and they are my husband’s favorite.  Perfect!

Breakfast—I told you we’ve had a lot of sweets today.  Leftover cinnamon rolls and boiled eggs.

Lunch—Heart shaped sandwich for our daughter, regular ham and cheese for the grown-ups.  Carrot sticks, strawberries, and organic tortilla chips.

Supper—Lamb chops from a local farmer cooked with rosemary from the garden and olive oil, mashed potatoes from Earth Fare’s freebie, frozen peas from a Bird’s Eye deal/freebie at Kroger, and homemade molten lava cake for my hubby.  Daughter and I have had too many sweets as it is, and I’ll make this for him after I put her to bed.  I’ll post the recipe, which I am getting from a recent Woman’s Day magazine, if it tastes good.

What did I learn today?

Well, it isn’t really something new that I’ve learned; I teach it when I instruct coupon classes. Before the first of the month, make out a “needs list” for that month.  Think about what you will be running out of soon, what you might want or need to stock up on, what special occasions or holidays are coming up that you need to buy for, and what other foods or supplies need to be purchased.  Bring this list with you when you go to the store and work on your coupons each week.  When one of those items is on sale or is a good buy, pick it up.  This will give you more control on what you will pay for products that you need.  Instead of buying toilet paper when you are almost completely out and have to pay full price without a coupon, you buy it when the price is right and you have a great coupon deal.  Because I had a needs list, I knew to plan ahead for Valentine’s Day—a special supper at home to avoid the restaurant rush and expense and treats for our daughter to share with her friends.

I’m surprised that not more is cleaned out half way through the challenge.  I guess it is a testament to how much food we have stored, but the pantry isn’t bare bones yet.  The freezer is starting to appear more spacious, but even it still has quite a supply.  I’m hoping that by the end of the month, I’ll feel like we’ve made it through all of the products that we wanted to get rid of at least. 

I forgot the reciprocity thing.  Our daughter now has an entire bag FULL of treats that she wants to eat NOW, and I totally forgot that would happen.  Why is it that I think about it for Halloween but forget that happens on Valentine’s Day??  The more I think about what I should give up for Lent this year, the more I’m considering sugar or at the very least desserts being the best choice for our entire family.  If I’m not eating them, I won’t be as apt to let them into the house.  We’ll see what is decided about that closer to time. 

We’re halfway through folks!  Are you relieved?  Did it fly by faster than you thought?  Has it been more of a chore than you had hoped?

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  1. I did this challenge last February and decided to do it again this year. I did a search to see if any other blogs were doing it too, and I found your site. I've been checking your progress everyday and that inspires me to keep it up. I've spent $60 so far and am hoping to only spend $100. Last year I spent $210 but was not prepared at all. My biggest goal is to eat through our freezer and its about 1/2 gone. We're half way there... Keep up the great work!!!