February 16, 2011

Day 16—Challenge Update

Busy Bee kind of day today!

Breakfast—Boiled eggs and hot tea for me.  Leftover sausage for Hubby.  Cereal with milk and ginger tea for daughter.

Lunch—Boiled eggs, dried apricots, organic yogurt, organic carrot sticks and peanuts for daughter.  I splurged and picked up a grilled chicken salad at Backyard BBQ today and ate with gals from the office.  Hubby packed his lunch but at the lunch hour, his boss offered to buy him lunch out, and he said that he didn’t have to twist his arm too hard.  ;)

Supper—Hubby and I prepared the meal for the children’s program at church.  We celebrated Valentine’s Day today—heart shaped sandwiches with turkey and cheese on whole wheat, pretzels, sliced strawberries, and heart shaped cookies. 

What did I learn today?

Don’t give a room full of kids an option on what kind of sandwich they have.  I made a small plate of PBJ since we thought some of them might not be able to eat the turkey or cheese.  BIG mistake!  All of them wanted PBJ, even after last week having a majority of them say that they didn’t like PBJ at all.  Kids are so funny!  Lesson learned—give them all the same unless there is an identified allergy or sensitivity.  The kids seemed to like the party feel for the meal, and I’m glad we went to the extra trouble to cut out the bread in shapes of hearts.  I’ll definitely do that again next year!

No other real exciting revelations for me today.  My brain and body are tired, and I’m signing off for the night.  Y’all have a good night, and I’ll check in with you in the morning!

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