February 2, 2011

Day 2 of the February Eat from the Pantry Challenge—The Day of Free

I think that I picked a good first week to start this challenge.  I’m calling today “The Day of Free”.

Breakfast—Hubby, daughter, and I did something completely different for us.  We went out to eat for breakfast on a school and work day.  Since Chick-fil-a is our daughter’s favorite restaurant, we decided to take advantage of the Groundhog Day celebration there.  We all woke up early and went to the nearest Chick-fil-a.  We each received a free spicy chicken biscuit.  We also each have calendars from Chick-fil-a, and the freebie for this month is a free Dasani water and yogurt parfait.  We had a huge amount of food, and all of it was completely free!  Our daughter thought that the chicken was a little too spicy so I added a little honey to a biscuit for her and gave the extra chicken to Hubby.  Hubby packed it and his parfait to eat for his lunch instead of the Starkist tuna lunch pack that he had grabbed at the house. 

Lunch—As mentioned, Hubby had the leftovers from his breakfast.  I saw clients in the Sevier Co area today and on the way back I stopped to get a FREE hot chocolate at the Pilot Travel Center nearby.  I was so full from that and breakfast that I just grabbed a snack at the office after yoga (also free) and passed on lunch.  It seems that our daughter was also full because the buttered noodles (reserved from last night’s dish) that I packed her for part of her lunch weren’t eaten.  She’s having them as an after school snack instead. 

Snack—Today was our daughter’s snack day at school.  I made up a large pot of organic popcorn, brought mandarin oranges, and a container of raisins for the snack.  All were already in the pantry and all were inexpensive, healthy options.

Supper—Continuing with the theme of free, Hubby’s supper is paid for by his work tonight due to a meeting.  Our supper will be at the children’s program at church.  One of the perks of helping to prepare the meal is that I also get to eat for free.  We’ll have chicken, pinto beans, corn, and bananas. 

What have I learned from today?

Free is good.  OK, I already knew that, but I think that taking advantage of free offers is a good way to help stretch your family’s budget.  Today, we had a great family outing that was completely free.  Because of having the calendars, we didn’t even have to buy drinks!  I recommend that you sign up for restaurant newsletters and to be a Facebook fan so that you are notified of any giveaways, free samples, or other freebies that are available.

Today I learned that a friend’s parent had fallen and broken a bone.  I plan to make up a recipe of egg and caper salad, bring some homemade soup that is already in the freezer, and a jar of home canned pears to help them while he is recuperating.   Because of my stockpile and because I double recipes whenever I cook, I’m easily able to help some dear people.  Stockpiling isn’t just about your own food security.  It provides you with opportunities to help others, whether it be making a meal for a friend who is sick or donating to a local food drive. 

What about you?  How is the second day of the challenge going for you?

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  1. Hi Gabrielle.. I've always said, "If it's Free - It's for me!" I'll be cooking from my pantry today.. Potatoes, a pork roast and vegetables from my freezer. Good thing I don't have to go out as I'm frozen over here in NJ. Oh, BTW, I wrote a post about your challenge. Swing over the Tranquil Acres and take a peek! Have a great day!