February 20, 2011

Day 20—February Eat from the Pantry Challenge Update

This time next week, we’ll be wrapping up the end of the challenge.  I can’t believe that the challenge is almost over!

Breakfast—I finally made good on my promise to make homemade cinnamon rolls for my husband for a belated Valentine’s Day gift.  (Last weekend, I had made the store bought type for him).  I had double checked all of the ingredients except for powdered sugar. I had just under a cup of it and tweaked the icing recipe a little.  They weren’t as gooey-good, but they were still quite nice.  We had the rolls and bacon for breakfast. 

Lunch—Two of the members of our congregation were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  Their family came in town, and we had a potluck luncheon in their honor after church services.  The family decorated the tables and brought a gorgeous cake.  The congregation brought everything from casseroles to the most delicate of finger-foods to celebrate the occasion.   I made my own version of chili-mac, as I reported last night in my entry.  I also brought a half gallon of unsweetened tea and a half gallon of sweetened. 

Supper—We’re having my dad over for supper tonight.  I plan to make chicken, roasted butternut squash, corn, and beans. 

What have I learned today?

There is still abundance.  Having my dad over for dinner tonight isn’t going to be a challenge because we still have plenty of food.  I won’t even have to change around the menu because we still have more than enough.  The potluck luncheon was the same way and so are our other meals.  Perhaps it was because I gave myself $100 this month for our budget, which has allowed us to still buy milk and bread and a few odds and ends along the way?  Perhaps it was because we had so much in our stockpile already?  Perhaps it is because we’ve had so many social occasions and communal dining events?  Whatever the reason, I have learned from this month that we can be very satisfied and content with a lot less. 

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