February 24, 2011

Day 24—Challenge Update

As you might have seen, I’ve had a February Eat from the Pantry Challenge rolling along.  Some readers and other bloggers are participating, and we’ve had a good time so far.  I’d call it a good time, gals—wouldn’t you?  I feel such a sense of accomplishment to have cleaned out much of the pantry and made sure food wasn’t wasting.  We only have a few more days left, and my husband said that he thinks we should keep going into March.  This is the sweet guy who about a month ago thought we might starve when I proposed the idea.  ;)  He’s been nothing but supportive, and I’m so lucky to have a guy who is willing to take part in my crazy challenges. 

Breakfast—Today we had scrambled eggs and toast with jam and cream cheese

Lunch—Hubby had a fancy-smancy work luncheon (can you tell I’m jealous?).  He was kind enough to bring daughter and I home a little plate of dessert.  Daughter and I had clam chowder and fruit salad. 

Supper—Sausage patties, creamed corn, peas, and fruit salad for dessert.  I FINALLY got rid of the last can of creamed corn!  Hallelujah!

What did I learn today?

I can’t imagine ever buying another can of creamed corn ever again!  Isn’t that a lesson enough??

Making lunch the night before makes the morning routine much easier.  Tonight I baked up the last two sweet potatoes while I was cooking supper and prepped them so that they would be ready to heat up for lunch tomorrow.  I’ll pack one in our daughter’s lunch and one for me.  (Hubby prefers sandwiches).  I cut up some celery sticks and doled some of the fruit salad out into smaller containers.  I’m hoping this means I can sleep in for an extra five or ten minutes.  We’ll see…

What about you--Are your cupboards bare?  What does your fridge and freezer look like?  Still plenty of food or are you making a serious dent in the stores?

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  1. Hi Gabrielle, the food challenge has really opened up my eyes along with my husband and daughters as well. When I first announced we were going to do this they were in doubt as we had gotten used to the grocery shopping trips every week. However, after careful planning and getting out of our comfort zone it has really proven to us that we can do with out more than we thought. Thank you!