February 5, 2011

Day 5 Challenge Update—A Southern Breakfast

DSC_5157 Today started early for us—5:30am to be exact.  Monthly the United Methodist Men meet at our church.  Hubby is the president, and I am in the “Special Events” committee.  The men pay the committee to prepare the breakfast for their meeting, and we in turn use that money for various programs and events.  Not only do the members of the committee have a lot of fun visiting and cooking in the kitchen, but we also enjoy a nice breakfast for free.

Breakfast—Homemade biscuits, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, gravy, jelly and butter, bananas, milk, orange juice and apple juice.  The photo above is from the church this morning.  As you can see I forgot to take the photo until the food was more than halfway gone.  ;)  Notice that we use real plates, silverware and glasses to reduce waste when preparing meals there.  The glasses are some plastic ones that Olive Garden generously donated to us.  If I could manage to get enough cloth napkins together, then we wouldn’t have to use any disposable dining-ware.  I estimate that with the meals we prepare for the senior group, men’s group, and children’s program that we save at least $200 each year by steering clear from disposables when we can.

Lunch—Cup of vegetable soup from the freezer, PBJ for daughter and Hubby, cheese toast for me, and home canned peaches

Supper—Macaroni and cheese, carrot sticks, and home canned pears

What have I learned from today?

Saving foods for special occasions has a time limit.  I made some homemade peach ice cream late this summer.  It was absolutely delicious, so delicious that we kept reserving it for special occasions.  Today, I realized that there was just a bit in the container left and pulled it out for an afternoon snack for us.  While it was still edible and nice, it was no longer delicious.  It had staled a bit from being in the freezer for so long.  Such a shame!  I’ll remember next year when I’m making it the importance of eating it in a more timely manner.

Now that the freezer is less packed, it is easier to see what we have.  I found some green beans in the freezer that I didn’t realize we had.  I was thrilled to find another vegetable for us to use this month, as I told you yesterday I am very conscious of how many servings of fruits and vegetables we are getting during the challenge. 

Temptations, temptations.  I’ve completely reworked my meal plan for this week.  The downside of that is that I haven’t been as dedicated to making sure I have meat defrosted or foods prepped and ready to go.  Tonight the idea of going to a restaurant was discussed, but our daughter came to the rescue when she interjected a request for macaroni and cheese for supper.  We added a veggie and fruit on the side to help make the meal a little more well rounded.  While we haven’t excluded trips to restaurants during the challenge, I’m trying to focus our meals towards using foods that we need to eat before they go to waste.  Restaurant dining doesn’t really fit into that plan very well.

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