February 9, 2011

February Eat from the Pantry Update—Day 9

Tomorrow, I hope to get a chance to post the info on the next giveaway so stay tuned.  If you are just now reading the updates from the February Eat from the Pantry Challenge, you can get updated by clicking on the link for more information.  You can also look under the “food security” tab to see how the last week went.

Breakfast—Muffin, home canned pears, cheese and milk

Lunch—Hubby packed his own (I think a sandwich and sides).  Daughter had PBJ, Garden of Eatin’ tortilla chips, dried apricots, Horizon milk box, and Voskos yogurt.  I ate a PBJ, had some of the tortilla chips, drank Honest Tea, and had some graham crackers for dessert.

Supper—Tonight I prepared the meal for the kiddos at church. The teacher requested that I make a camp themed meal to go with one of the lessons that they were doing tonight.  I made franks and beans, whole wheat toast, and had s’mores for dessert. 

What did  I learn today?

Loaves and Fishes.  So often when I’m preparing meals for the kids at church, I think about the story of the Loaves and the Fishes, how Jesus used something so small to feed so many.  Every time I think about the coupon ministry at our church and use a coupon to buy something free at the grocery, this same story comes to my mind.  Tonight we fed all of the children and the adult helpers, and we still had enough food for all of the youth to eat a meal.  Plus, we sent home a couple of containers of leftover beans home with the youth pastor to eat with his family.  Only God could do that!  If you had seen the food before we started serving, you would have never believed we could have fed so many.

This challenge has also reminded me of the Bible story and miracle.  We haven’t starved yet.  In fact, we have probably eaten more than we should have at times.  Each time I look in the freezer, I discover something I had forgotten about or something that had been buried.  Today, I found a pound of local and organically raised ground beef—jackpot!  I went to the grocery to pick up a few freebies (and something that will be part of the giveaway tomorrow!).  The total that I spent excluding the giveaway item was 53cts, and because of coupons, I had a pound of butter, 2 cinnamon rolls, Country Bob’s Sauce, and 2 bags of cheese in my cart.  God uses something so insignificant as a little piece of paper called a coupon to provide for our family.

I’m sure some of you who are reading are thinking—what is she talking about?  God didn’t do that. She made the list and cut out the coupons.  What does God have to do with it?  I guess it is all a choice in how you look at it.  I choose to believe that God is the provider. ;)

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