February 9, 2011

KARM Thrift Stores—Corner of Your Field

imageRecently, we had the privilege to invite Mr. Pete Zanoni to be the speaker of the United Methodist Women’s meeting at Faith United Methodist Church. He told us about an exciting new program called Corners of Your Field. If you are in the Knoxville area, I thought you might also like to learn more. Please feel free to pass on the information to others you know who might be interested. I hope you and your home church will partner in this worthwhile program!

The KARM Thrift Stores sell gently-used household goods to support the Knox Area Rescue Ministries. They invite you to donate your excess furniture, clothing and other household items through their Corners of Your Field program by:

1. Following the Biblical principle of setting aside for the needy in your community (Lev. 19:9-10),

2. Donating unwanted (good condition) items to KARM Thrift Stores, and

3. Benefiting yourself (with our free pick-up service), your church (with KARM credits), and your community (by providing resources for those who are poor and homeless).

Every time you donate on behalf of your church organization, KARM Thrift Stores issues KARM credits to your ministry account. Your church can use these credits to help others within your local congregation.

Drop of your donation at a KARM Thrift Store, or call 521-0770 to schedule a free pick-up for large items.

Corners of Your Field karm.cornersofyourfield.com/

KARM Thrift Stores karmstores.com

Knox Area Rescue Ministries karm.org

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