February 7, 2011

Pilot Travel Centers—FREE Hot Beverage or Oatmeal through 3/31/11

app_full_proxy There is a new coupon ready for print on the Pilot Travel Centers Facebook site.  This month’s coupon is for a FREE hot beverage OR oatmeal, and it is valid through 3/31/11.  I didn’t even know that they sold oatmeal! 

I always thought that you really weren’t supposed to use more than one of these per person per month, but I was reading some of the truckers’ comments on their site the other day.  Someone said that she prints about 20 of them per week and uses them whenever she stops for gas on her ride.  I suppose that Pilot comes out ahead whenever you stop and purchase other supplies or gas there.  The coupon says one coupon per customer, and I’m guessing that they mean that you can’t get more than one freebie per visit.  Just thought you all might like to know that tip!

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